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Industrial rubber sheet classification


Industrial rubber sheets are widely used in chemical, mechanical, electronics, construction and other industries.

Classification and use of different industrial rubber sheets:

TH1000 ordinary rubber plate series

Performance: Medium pressure, temperature -30 ~ 70 °C working environment, there is waterproof, seismic, sealing and other work performance;

Uses: According to the requirements of product technical parameters, can be used for a variety of sealed buffer rubber ring, pads, seals and ground laying, decoration;

Color: black, white, gray, red, green, blue and other colors.

TH2000 cloth and cloth rubber plate series

Performance: Medium pressure, strong tensile strength, small deformation;

Uses: Punching seals and rings, used as light conveyor belts, working in environments where high strength is required;

Color: According to customer requirements;

All laminated plastic sheets can be produced as a light-surfaced, cloth-patterned surface, two-sided glossy surfaces, and two-sided textured surfaces.

TH3000 oil resistant rubber sheet series

Product use: It is used for punching various oil-resistant oil seals, seals, and rings, and the placement of worktables, ground, and electronic products that come into contact with oils and fats;

Special specifications and special technical requirements of products, according to customer needs, for your formula design to meet your requirements.

Product performance: working in oil (oil, diesel, gasoline, lubricating oil) medium, with sealing and expansion resistance.

TH4000 acid and alkali rubber sheet series

Product performance: In the acid-base environment has strong resistance to media properties, corrosion resistance;

Product use: Punching various kinds of seals and gaskets used for acid and alkali corrosion, pipelines of chemical companies, storage and sealing protection, desktop laying of laboratory worktables;

According to the customer's requirements, we can customize the products with special specifications and technical requirements;

Packing method: woven bag, plastic film bag, packed by weight or fixed length.

TH5000 stripe, dot and other non-slip rubber sheet series

Product performance: Medium pressure, waterproof, anti-slip performance;

Product use: This product is widely used, can be used for hotels, stadiums, conference halls, airports, ports, ships, vehicles and other stations, ground, walkways, decoration;

Product color: black, red, green, gray and other colors for your choice;

Packaging: woven bags, film bags, fixed length, fixed weight packaging.